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Rehab is broken. Find a better way.

It’s confusing when you don’t understand why you can’t stop. Join the global movement that empowers you to finally solve your addiction puzzle.

The old way is shamed-based, rigid, expensive…and doesn't even work!

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Only 1 in 15 people are still sober 1 year after completing a traditional recovery program.

The average cost of a 90-Day program could span anywhere from $15,000 to $90,000.

Even if you can afford the cost and time away from work and family, you’re likely to find yourself in a 12 Step program that’s outdated and doesn’t work.

These programs aren’t regulated, they micromanage your every move, publicly remind you of your failures, kick you out if you slip up, and don’t look at the underlying issues. They treat everyone like a full blown, lifelong addict who needs to rely on treatment forever.

A program designed for
any addiction


We know you’re frustrated. We totally get it.

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Do you feel shame and judgment about needing help?
Do you want help but not to be treated like a full blown addict?
Are you turned off by demands for abstinence and other rigid rules?
Are you worried you’ll waste time and money on something that doesn’t even work?
Are you upset you haven’t been able to stop?

You’re not alone. 9 out of 10 people with addiction never enter treatment because of reasons like these. You’re in control. There’s no reason to waste your time on old-fashioned, superficial approaches.

You deserve a sensible program you can trust. Let us help you understand what’s been holding you down so you can finally master your behaviors and get your life back on track.

Learn to trust yourself again.

The Self Recovery Program guides you to understand what actually causes your addiction. You’ll finally take control and stop hurting yourself.

Here’s the truth you need to know: Addiction is what happens when we look outside of ourselves to relieve distress and control our emotional state.

Our holistic approach looks underneath the surface at things like: relationships, how you feel about your life (family, career, etc.), mood regulation, how choices are actually made, past challenges, belief systems, and the many other pieces needed to solve your addiction puzzle.

You need understanding, and a recovery program that is scientifically proven to work. And that’s what we created.

It’s important to do this without judgment so you can face yourself safely. Access Self Recovery with 100% privacy, when and where you want.

Meet your M.D.

Hello, I’m Daniel Hochman M.D. and I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior, and how to help people beyond superficial advice.

Over my career, I’ve seen so many people be misled by marketing, self-proclaimed gurus with no training, and systems that put dollars before livelihoods.

I can’t stand the waste. That’s what drives me to teach organizations across the country, serve as faculty at Dell Medical school where I train the next generation, and do the best job I can in my private practice.

I created Self Recovery as a simple way for anyone to access all the key concepts in one place, and save the years of stumbling around looking for answers.

You don’t need to be punished, shamed, or micromanaged. You don’t need to be kicked out if you slip up.

Self Recovery draws on my medical training as a physician, my psychological expertise as a psychiatrist, and research from 1,000s of studies to provide a holistic approach that works.
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Unfortunately, most people don’t find good help

While there is limited success in traditional programs, they fall short.


They only focus on addiction. They fail to see the whole picture and what actually drives addiction, which is why their methods work less than 10% of the time.

Self Recovery is here so anyone, anywhere can finally access a proven system that knows you are a whole person, and you do not have an incurable disease.
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Now, let's sweeten the pot with these incredible bonuses

Fast-Action Bonuses

Self Recovery Bundle

When you decide to move forward with the Self Recovery program today, we’re also going to throw in:

Audio Mindfulness Series - audio lessons unique to addiction so you can understand your wants and cravings, on a molecular level to gain control and awareness.
Weekly LIVE Support Groups - so you have direct access to our industry-leading support groups if you have questions or need more personal help moving forward.
Daily Self-Checkins - so at the end of almost every video training you can privately reflect on exactly what you need to do to take the next step in the recovery process.
Music For Your Journey - so that you can connect with the lessons on an emotional level and give yourself the permission to explore your mind and feelings more freely.
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We understand you probably have some questions. We've got the answers

Can An Online Program Really Work?

Yes, that’s what we’re so excited about! In the largest study ever done comparing online mental health treatment vs standard, face-to-face treatment, the data showed better outcomes for the online group (symptoms, hospital admissions, etc.). While previously thought that only individualized, “live” interaction could help, the research continues to prove that’s old thinking.  

Here are links to just a few of the hundreds of studies to support that:

VA online treatment was proven to be better than in-person treatment.

A University of Zurich study showed online treatment is “as good as, if not better” than face-to-face psychotherapy.

University of Florida uses internet-based program with better results than traditional treatment.

Need more reassurance? Checkout Professor Barak’s list of studies that show online help works.

What Addictions Does This Work For?

Self Recovery isn’t only made for drugs and alcohol. Because it is designed to target underlying drivers, it is effective for food, internet, gambling, sex, porn, shopping, and other behavioral/process addictions.

Is This Live? Will I Be Forced To Talk To Anyone?

No – your interaction is controlled by you. Your enrollment includes weekly live, online groups. Those are optional, and even if you do join those you can control whether you are heard or seen. You will also have forums to discuss and share as much as you’d like with other people sharing your journey, but only if you choose to. All lessons are prerecorded so it’s all on your time.

How Long Does The Self Recovery Program Take?

Everything is prerecorded, so you can go at your own pace. It’s designed to take about 1 hour every weekday, for 3 months. Even if you have free time right now, we don’t recommend you try to breeze through the material. Our lessons get very deep, and you’ll want time to think about and practice each skill. You are encouraged to do this at your own pace, and even return to lessons and refresh concepts whenever you want.

Is This A 12-Step Program (Like AA)?

No. This has been developed out of science and psychological studies in addiction. While we find parts of the 12 step approach helpful and do include some of its teachings, our program is not designed after it. If you’re in a 12 step support group, this can work well alongside that. Any religious or spiritual beliefs are welcome.

Don't I Need To Be Somewhere Else To Get Better?

While some people need to be in a different environment, others find that leaving the protection of residential treatment to home leads to unexpected challenges. We value the process of change while in your natural environment. When we transform alongside our family, friends, coworkers and daily stressors, we get the chance to involve all the people and factors that trigger addiction and practice steady and progressive gains. You’ll also be given tasks that involve your current relationships and stressors so that they can become manageable or even helpful. This creates lasting change with less unknowns about what will happen after treatment ends.

What If I'm Sober Already

While being sober is extremely helpful in all aspects of life, it’s not all there is to well-being. We teach for full emotional well-being so that sobriety isn’t boring or painful. Relapses happen when we change our behavior without really changing on the inside. This program covers major themes in emotional transformation such as acceptance, tolerance, compassion, belonging, purpose, and reflection so that addiction becomes a thing of the past.

Is This Just Going To Give Me Advice I Already Know?

Far from it. We all already know what healthy choices look like (“drugs can kill you,” or “don’t relapse or else you may lose your job or relationship,” etc.). The real key to changing behavior is to give attention to the parts in all of us that make those healthy choices feel so impossible. We address the root cause of addiction, which is emotional pain or stress. If you don’t know what you’re running from, you’ll never find real peace.

How Long Do I Get Access For?

You decide how long to remain enrolled, and can cancel at any time. You get full access to all the videos, lessons, and entire program for as long as you remain a member. There are no contracts.

Is There Homework?

Sorta. Nobody grades your responses because we want to avoid fears of judgment and encourage you to open up with yourself. After lessons, you’ll be asked to reflect on several carefully designed questions about yourself. It is extremely important to put a good amount of energy into these, because this is where most of your change will actually happen.

Can This Be Used Together With Other Treatment?

Although this is meant to help on its own, it also helps you get the most out of other typical treatment. Sometimes people have a therapist or psychiatrist, but just need more immediate help than they can get with their current treatment. Others know they need some help after another treatment ends in order to stay healthy. Also, the search for a provider or residential treatment can take days or months due to the realities of insurance approval or waiting for an opening, and this can be used as a tool to get started right away and get more out of your next step in treatment.

Can This Help With My Court Case?

You’ll be able to print a certificate of completion at the end of this course to verify participation. Counties usually have no official requirements for what types of interventions are approved by the court, but do typically have lists of approved facilities. Please contact your district court or attorney to check into whether this rehab will be supported in your case.

Can My Insurance Cover This?

Sorry, we currently are not set up to take insurance, but are working to change that.

Are There Refunds?

Yes. We try to be clear upfront about what this program is, but we understand we’re not the perfect fit for everyone. If you’re truly unsatisfied with our program, please contact us at hello@selfrecovery.org to let us know within 30 days, and we’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Who Is The Instructor?

The program is designed and taught by Daniel Hochman, MD, a nationally recognized Psychiatrist. Beyond typical medical training, he’s collaborated and learned from the brightest minds in the field to learn, practice, and teach the complex inner-workings seen in addiction. Dr. Hochman has worked and consulted with several addiction treatment facilities and clinics in a range of settings (Veterans Administration, military, academic, and private). He has a knack for getting to the core of the issue quite well.

Our Industry Leading Guarantee

a badge with the words money back 30 day guarantee

Try Self Recovery with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You should be able to complete our Foundations Module in that time and see if this is the right program for you. If for any reason you complete the work and don’t feel a significant difference in your addiction, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

*If you require a letter of enrollment as soon as you sign up, or if you rush through to get a completion certificate within the first month, we don’t offer the first month money back guarantee to avoid misuse of the program.

We honestly don’t know why everyone is not doing this. It’s already revolutionizing the recovery community in over 20 countries. The revolution is here, simpler, easier, and changing lives.

But here’s the truth: If you’re comfortable sharing your secrets and just want another AA this is not for you.

If you think traditional addiction treatments work, we are not another one of those!

Self Recovery is for you if you:

Are new to recovery
Have work and family obligations
Are independent-minded, don't want to be managed
Have barriers to receiving help at a treatment center
Are unsatisfied with previous treatment
Fear judgement, or want to be anonymous
Prefer privacy
Are currently in treatment
Are or aren’t ready to fully abstain from your addiction
Want to surprise your loved ones with your recovery
There’s nothing inherently wrong with you. You’re not stuck in a disease. Addiction is just a learned behavior: when you suffer, you go to how your life experiences have trained you to cope.

We’ll give real reasons to why you’re wired for addiction, to chase false pleasures rather than deeper pleasures like exercise or love or meaningful work.

We’ll give you the map, so you can see yourself as something other than broken, but rather just needing to reverse what’s been trained in you, using connection and neuroscience.

Stop letting your addiction separate you from the life you want to live and finally face yourself safely so you can gain the freedom you deserve.
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Daniel Hochman, MD


What people are saying

The emotional trauma I experienced was not caused by my parents, but my ex-husband. I have been in counseling for three years now and I know the only way for me to beat my addition is to root out the cause, the emotional pain, deal with it, and heal. Much of the course material so far has resonated with me and I am so grateful to have found this program.

I'm so thankful to have found this program. I've had addictions in the past that had I not decided to get clean on my own, I would have ended up on the street. I did AA and NA to help me while I was going through that. Fast forward 9 years later, I still have addictions, but they seem to change periodically. Not understanding addiction treatment, my wife started googling to get me help. We went to a local Addiction treatment center, I did the assessment and they told me I qualified for IOP. I began researching these places because I didn't feel the people I spoke with were qualified and just plain sketched me out

Being in recovery for several months. I blazed through this program fairly quickly. I totally enjoyed it. There was some things that I've gone through or have done already and other things that I have not. Or other ideas and scenarios I seen in different ways. Which makes you think and feel in different ways. It's all new and exciting experiences for me. Learning something new is great Becoming stronger makes me feel more empowering

I was talking to my best friend about this program and just in the time that I was telling her, she wanted to be apart of it. Your program has changed my way of thinking and helped me in tremendous ways. One being, it has helped me help myself but also others. Thank you Dr. Hochman

I've been really wanting to kick my addiction for a long time, and it just seemed hopeless. Working full time, and to stop in order to get treatment would be financially disastrous, so I was trying to quit on my own (unsuccessfully) and looking for alternatives and finally I found this program which is as close to perfect as I think I can get. But not only that it is actually helping me, and I've already noticed a big shift in my thinking and outlook and its working.

getting a good sense of relief knowing that i have this course....also relief i have started WIM HOFF 10 week course, group sessions with in the rooms, self recovery,smart recovery, found a local pschologist and a cosmic life coach Eryka Stanton empowered living.

I also found this section to be difficult because I do not have close relationships. It still seems easier to me to keep people at a distance, but recently I have been trying to align myself with people more like-minded than I had before. This program has been a very positive experience and process thus far.

The connection aspect of AA (or NA, etc.) is good, but to ignore all the neuroscience since 1936 is crazy. This program connects with me on an intellectual level so far and I feel I have a very good shot at success.

This program has changed my mental thought process on not only how to overcome addiction but also many life skills. I think Dr. Hochman did such an amazing job at puting this program together! Thank you Dr. Hochman! This was extremely PERFECT!

lam so glad that I found this program...there is very little support in my little town and I relapsed over the holidays......just going through the first part of the program I feel very positive and excited! And no pressure like I did in rehab....I love doing it in the privacy in my own home...I have realized that AA is not for me...I think I have found my ticket to sobriety....thanks

I've been really wanting to kick my addiction for a long time, and it just seemed hopeless. Working full time, and to stop in order to get treatment would be financially disastrous, so I was trying to quit on my own (unsuccessfully) and looking for alternatives and finally I found this program which is as close to perfect as I think I can get. But not only that it is actually helping me, and I've already noticed a big shift in my thinking and outlook and its working.