Top Ten Best Sobriety Podcasts

Top Ten Best Sobriety Podcasts

If you’re working to quit drinking and embrace a life of sobriety, there’s a whole world of podcasts to help you keep your motivation and discipline up. But, it can be tough to find the best sobriety podcasts with so many great recovering alcoholic podcasts to choose from.

Research has shown that connection is essential to overcoming addiction, and the best sobriety podcasts accept and acknowledge this as well. While it’s helpful and encouraging to listen to others share their stories or give advice, nothing can beat real human interaction, and the vital role of support groups and recovery programs. The best sobriety podcasts are the ones that recognize and are open about the fact that their show alone is not enough to get you past your addiction.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the top ten best sobriety podcasts, and what we like the most about each one!

1. How I Quit Alcohol

  • Host: Danni Carr
  • Description: This podcast features a mindful approach to quitting alcohol, and is filled with tips and tools, stories and interviews with experts to arm and empower you on your sobriety journey.

The host’s calming voice, mindful approach, and interesting range of topics make How I Quit Alcohol one of the best sobriety podcasts on the market. Open about the need to work with a therapist or other qualified professional to really overcome alcoholism, Danni Carr is a qualified and skilled host, who is really open about her own history with addiction and makes the podcast material accessible as well as inspiring and empowering.

Something we like about this podcast is responsible way the host conveys the facts. She includes trigger warnings before episodes that might be challenging for individuals in the earlier stages of recovery to hear, and shares tools to help you quit drinking that are accessible for everyone!

Find the Podcast here: How I Quit Alcohol (available on all streaming platforms)

2. Recovery Elevator

  • Host: Paul Churchill
  • Description: Recovery Elevator focuses on helping individuals navigate the journey to sobriety, offering support, advice, and interviews with experts and people who have overcome alcohol addiction.

Recovery Elevator is a super positive and very realistic recovering alcoholic podcast. Hosted by a recovering addict, Paul Churchill, this quit drinking podcast takes a very down-to-earth approach to quitting, and is open about the challenges of quitting drinking, and how to overcome them. The host is educated as well as well-spoken, and the guests are interesting. Episodes are about an hour long.

Find the podcast here: Recovery Elevator

3. Alcohol Free Life

  • Host: Janey Lee Grace
  • Description: Janey Lee Grace shares her knowledge and experiences on living a fulfilling and alcohol-free life, featuring discussions with guests who have embraced sobriety.

As one of the top-ranked alcoholic podcasts, Alcohol Free Life is a hugely popular quit drinking podcast, full of interesting information and fascinating guests. Warm and engaging, Janey shares inspiring stories, practical tips, and expert interviews that cater to individuals navigating the journey of sobriety—or just considering a more mindful approach to drinking. Her non-judgmental approach creates a supportive and inclusive space for listeners of this alcoholic podcast, making it an empowering resource for anyone seeking to explore the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Find the podcast here: Alcohol Free Life (available on all streaming platforms)

4. The Sobriety Diaries

  • Host: Nate Kelly
  • Description: The Sobriety Diaries delves into personal accounts of individuals who have triumphed over alcoholism, offering encouragement and practical guidance for those seeking sobriety.

The Sobriety Diaries is a truly fun listen. Instead of focusing on you and how you can leverage your mindset to better quit drinking, this podcast is more the kind of sober entertainment you want to fill your life with as you work to stay on the recovery path. In this fun no alcohol podcast Nate Kelly, a talented host, interviews individuals from all walks of life—from neighbors to celebrities—about their own journeys to stop drinking.

Find the podcast here: The Sobriety Diaries

5. Hello Someday

  • Host: Casey McGuire Davidson
  • Description: In this podcast aimed at women, Casey McGuire Davidson explores the journey to alcohol-free living, providing tips, resources, and interviews to empower individuals striving for a sober lifestyle.

With over 200 episodes and 1.3 million downloads, this quit drinking podcast provides practical tips, relatable conversations, and expert advice to navigate the challenges of an alcohol-free life. Casey's kindhearted and authentic approach, along with insightful guest interviews, creates a supportive community for women exploring a sober lifestyle. Whether you're looking for guidance, inspiration, or a sense of connection, "Hello Someday" is a must-listen for “sober curious” women and women in recovery.

This podcast scores extra points for being so realistic and relatable, creating a marvelously safe and uplifting space for female listeners who are trying to quit drinking and still have fun.

Find the podcast here: Hello Someday

6. Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

  • Host: James Swanwick, Victoria English, and Sarah Connelly
  • Description: This podcast delves into the various aspects of living an alcohol-free lifestyle, focusing on personal growth, wellness, and the benefits of sobriety.

With a focus on health, wellness, and personal development, the hosts deliver valuable insights, inspirational stories, and practical advice to empower individuals seeking an alcohol-free life. Through engaging interviews with experts and individuals who have successfully embraced sobriety, they provides a supportive and informative platform for those considering a life without alcohol. The genuine and encouraging approach to sobriety, coupled with evidence-based strategies, makes Alcohol Free Lifestyle a compelling alcohol podast for anyone exploring sobriety.

Find the podcast here: Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

7. That Sober Guy

  • Host: Shane Ramer
  • Description: Shane Ramer shares his personal experiences and interviews guests to shed light on the complexities of addiction, recovery, and leading a fulfilling sober life.

This is the mojo dojo casa house of alcohol podcasts. Designed for and recorded specifically for men, That Sober Guy creates a positive, uplifting, and super manly space for those trying to give up drinking alcohol for good.

By discussing a wide range of topics related to addiction and recovery, from personal struggles to living a healthy and sober lifestyle, Shane removes the stigma from addiction and provides a supportive space for men. His open and honest approach, along with diverse guest discussions, offers listeners a sense of community, inspiration, and practical guidance, making That Sober Guy an essential (and fun!) podcast for men looking to embrace a life free from alcohol.

Find the podcast here: That Sober Guy

8. Sober Stories

  • Host: Beth Bowen
  • Description: Hosted by a therapist, Sober Stories features conversations with individuals who have overcome alcohol addiction, offering support, insights, and hope for those on their own journey to sobriety.

Having a therapist as a host is a huge green flag for this quit drinking podcast. Sober Stories offers invaluable support for individuals on their journey to quit alcohol and embrace recovery. Through engaging storytelling and diverse experiences, the podcast provides a supportive space for those seeking inspiration in their path to sobriety. By amplifying diverse voices and experiences, Sober Stories cultivates a community that celebrates living alcohol-free as a source of strength and resilience. Focusing on empowering narratives of recovery, the podcast serves as a catalyst for change and healing, fostering a sense of connection and solidarity among individuals striving for a life free from alcohol.

Find the podcast here: We Are Sober Stories

9. Alcohol Tipping Point

  • Host: Deb Masner
  • Description: Specifically aimed at people who are sober-curious or identify as “gray-area drinkers,” Alcohol Tipping Point is for those who have reached the point where alcohol is no longer giving as much as it’s taking, and are considering sobriety.

Alcohol Tipping Point offers a valuable resource for individuals looking to understand the impact of alcohol on their physical and mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Hosted by Deb Masner, a registered nurse and health coach, the podcast provides personal stories and expert insights on changing drinking habits and regaining control over one's life. It's perfect for those considering quitting drinking or taking a break, offering tips, tools, and thoughts to support a healthier, happier lifestyle. We appreciate this podcast’s science-based approach and relentless compassion.

Find the podcast here: Alcohol Tipping Point

10. Stop Drinking by Soberclear

  • Host: Soberclear
  • Description: This podcast offers practical advice, strategies, and insights to support individuals in their decision to stop drinking and pursue a sober lifestyle.

While Stop Drinking is a highly-rated podcast with an engaging host and a slew of motivational topics and strategies, their position that this podcast is the only resource you’ll ever need to quit drinking feels questionable. The host is talented and shares great motivational tips, but we would suggest pairing this podcast with other, more science-based ones. But, if you’re feeling bogged down and wondering if sobriety is worth the trouble, this could be the podcast for you!

Find the podcast here: Stop Drinking by Soberclear


With so many resources available to you, it can be hard to find the best sobriety podcasts, but it’s important to remember that different things work for different individuals, and that the thing that matters most in an alcohol podcast is that it helps you stick with your decision to leave drinking behind for good!

Although it isn’t easy to abandon a habit that is so normalized and accepted in our society, surrounding yourself with media that encourages you in your resolve to quit drinking can help you stay on the right track. Remember to be patient with yourself, and to rely on the strength of others when you need to. These ten podcasts are a great place to start!

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