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If you’ve tried everything, it may be time for a different approach. Relay is a group-based, digital recovery program for mastering compulsive smoking — all for 10x cheaper than therapy.
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Smoking addiction is complex.

What is smoking addiction? What are the signs?

Smoking addiction, also known as nicotine dependence, is a condition characterized by a compulsive and uncontrollable need to smoke tobacco products, leading to physical and psychological dependence on nicotine. Signs of smoking addiction may include an inability to quit despite a desire to do so, increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit, and prioritizing smoking over other activities and responsibilities. The Relay program provides a strong support system of peers and digital tools to break free of smoking addiction, leading 79% of users to see significant improvement in the first month alone.

What makes it so difficult to break free?

Breaking free from addiction is so challenging because of the powerful grip it can have on both the mind and body. As you repeatedly engage in the behavior to cope with stressors in your life, habits become ingrained, creating a cycle that's hard to break. The Relay program can end this vicious cycle by helping you recognize the patterns that lead to acting out and connecting you with a peer support system to stay accountable.

What is the root cause of smoking addiction?

The root cause of compulsive smoking often lies in isolation. Feelings of loneliness, disconnection, or emotional emptiness can drive us to seek comfort in the familiarity of smoking. The Relay program address this isolation by matching you into a tight-knit small group of peers in recovery — people who understand your struggle, who won't judge, and who can help you stay strong in moments of temptation. You can stay anonymous, but still access the power of peer connection 24/7!

Should I tell someone?

Yes, it's highly encouraged to share your struggles with someone. True healing often comes through connection, and in Relay, you can find support and understanding from your peers in recovery who are facing similar challenges. While sharing with family members or a therapist can also be helpful, opening up to your Relay group gives you a unique and supportive community of people who are in the same boat and won't judge. In Relay, you can also remain as anonymous as you'd like.

What are the negative effects of smoking addiction?

Smoking addiction can have severe negative effects on both physical and mental health. It is linked to an increased risk of respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and various cancers, while also contributing to heightened stress levels and negatively impacting overall well-being. The Relay program is built to help you break free from this downward spiral!

At what point should I seek professional help?

If you find that your behavior is causing significant legal or financial consequences, leading to strong withdrawal symptoms with each attempt to abstain, or bringing you to skip work or hobbies to pursue the behavior, you should seek professional help in addition to the Relay program.

therapist-trusted solution
thousands of people served
the #1 group-based recovery program
therapist-trusted solution
thousands of people served
the #1 group-based recovery program

The secret to lasting change is connection.

Relay helps you reconnect with yourself and others through the psychology of behavior, the power of data-driven insights, and the multiplying effect of teams.
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Find group-based support in a team

Far too often, shame and stigma around smoking addiction prevent us from getting quality help. Relay was built to make it easier to find others in the same boat — so you can stop struggling alone.

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Tackle the issues under the surface

Relay guides you through personalized reflections that delve into the urges and emotional factors contributing to your addiction, helping you understand and respond to triggers.

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Get feedback to adapt your plan

Relay helps you easily record and share your progress, challenges, and experiences. Our analytics can then pinpoint patterns and trends, helping you prevent relapses long before they occur.

Why people choose Relay

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Personalized to you

Instead of a cookie-cutter solution, Relay assesses your situation to craft a personalized plan so you can focus on the most important things based on where you’re at.

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Powerful, holistic change

A multi-dimensional approach to help you stop relying on willpower and address the gaps that are keeping you stuck—so you can become your most whole, healthy self.

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Integrated team support

Stay as anonymous as you want while getting shame-free accountability and real support alongside other people working through a similar struggle.

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Meshes with your every-day life

Tools to manage triggers, analyze setbacks, and stay on top of your recovery plan—all in your pocket, accessible to use 24/7.

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Smoking recovery done differently

Online Recovery Forums
Relay Program
Address issue at the root
Group-based support
Flexible and anonymous
Ongoing accountability
Not usually
< 1 therapy session

How it works

Create your personalized recovery plan

We’ll start by asking some questions to help you build your Recovery Zone — a personalized plan designed to help you both prevent relapse and move towards deeper healing.

Get matched with a team and start connecting

After getting to know your situation, we’ll match you with a specific group of 5-10 people working towards a similar goal. You can remain anonymous if you’d like!

Go deeper with psychology-based lessons

Based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles, you’ll begin to work through content designed to help you do the heart-work necessary for lasting change.

Check in daily, stay accountable together

As you log each day, you can see team members’ progress. Enjoying shame-free accountability and fostering connection together is a huge piece of the program.

Sustaining progress for long-term success

You’ll adjust your plan over time as you discover what works for you. This iterative approach helps you to grow into a sustainable lifestyle that can lead to lasting results.

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You're determined to figure this out, no matter what it takes
You're open-minded and ready to try something different

What people are saying

Thank you so much! This app is a dream come true! It actually is working and giving me and my group hope we didn't think we had


Super helpful program. Adds a solid sense of community to an issue that is usually dealt with alone. Still allows you to have privacy, while getting support from those around you. I would recommend this for anyone struggling


This app has really helped me connect with others. I've never had this much success before. It's incredible and getting better everyday


Relay has saved me on multiple occasions. So many helpful tools to use to get better, particularly the Red Flag. Just 2 days ago I was close to giving in till I remembered it. I probably would have fallen again without that help


It is a great tool to facilitate connection with others to get rid of this nasty addiction. I have learned much from the people I have interacted with on this app. Would recommend 100%


Having earnest, judgement-free conversations through Relay with others who have struggled is like a warm hug when you feel most isolated and alone. Please give Relay a try because it will really MEAN something in your life


This app has helped me so much. I’ve been struggling with this since I was 16 and I’ve tried so many things, but with this app and the support from my group I have been able to be sober for a while


Complete recovery support that costs less than a single therapy session

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Includes access to 90+ interactive lessons made by clinical experts, a suite of evidence-based tools, and a dedicated, private group for deeper accountability.

Year-long support, all available 24/7 whenever you need it.

Invest in yourself, without the risk.

We know you’ve had your hopes up before, so we want to help you give Relay a fair chance, worry-free.
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Try the first 7 days completely free, on us.
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If Relay hasn’t helped you make progress after 30 days, email to let us know.
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We’ll help you obtain a full refund — no questions asked.