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More than a support group — a team

Find healing and make progress alongside peers who get it.
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A team to help you quit pornography

Relay makes it easy to find a strong support system

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  1. Connection with those who get it
  2. Accountability without the shame
  3. Lifeline in moments of need

Rooted in the science of connection

Education and curriculum, accountability logs, or professional therapy are all important solutions. Relay’s approach, however, builds on two key elements that are critical for lasting success: connection and teamwork.



Isolation stunts progress and healing. Relay creates an environment to help you foster meaningful connection — to make it easier to stop facing it alone.


In sports, work, or school, teamwork is key to achieve great outcomes. Relay isn’t just a place to share feelings; it’s a place to work together towards your goals.
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The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety — it’s connection.

Johann Hari
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of Relay users report improvement within 4 weeks

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What people are saying

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Having earnest, judgment-free conversations through Relay with others who have struggled is like a warm hug when you feel most isolated and alone. Please give Relay a try and your best efforts, because it will really MEAN somethings in your life.

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I'm a female struggling with sexual self mastery and I'm SO grateful I found this app. The pulse checks are a game changer... I'm now celebrating my small wins too and feeling peaceful again... I hope anyone struggling can find Relay!!

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I had tried to stop watching porn a million times it felt like, but I kept relapsing and relapsing. Now, I’ve been clean for over 10 weeks. I feel so proud of myself. I 100% recommend this app to anyone trying to stop watching porn.

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Over the last few weeks I have really grown to love the guys in my team. Most other group chats I've been a part of fail to hold my attention or get me involved but I feel very committed to the other guys in my group. Couldn't be happier with the help provided by Relay.

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What a great concept to provide a way to connect with others struggling to overcome similar challenges in an app that keeps you accountable and motivated. I find myself becoming more aware throughout my day and noticing how I can improve.

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I have been able to be part of this group app for the last few weeks and it has been an amazing experience. My favorite thing is learning that you don't need to fight alone! There are so many people that want to help you and are literally a button away.


Honest, thoughtful pricing




$44.99 billed semi-annually
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No ads, hidden fees, or shenanigans. Your data stays private, and we get to focus on building the best product for you.
Why isn't Relay free?
Why Relay isn't free
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We’re in this for the long haul. We want to continue building and improving on Relay for years to come, and subscription pricing makes that possible. Here are three key reasons we think a fair-priced subscription will improve your experience:
  1. The "skin-in-the-game" effect
    Putting a little money on the line will help you stay committed.
  2. A team where everyone cares
    Your experience will be better when everyone is invested.
  3. Bring Relay to others who need it
    Join the movement to help the world work at self-improvement, together.
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