Pornography Addiction Support Group for Those Struggling

Pornography Addiction Support Group for Those Struggling

You may have tried to quit a thousand times before, but despite your best efforts, pornography still proves to be a persistent problem in your life. Here’s the good news: this is a common experience for those quitting a pornography habit.

But here is the better news: you still haven’t given up! Because you’re here, you are the closest you’ve ever been to a healthy future. This support group is full of people working to overcome an unwanted pornography habit. 

But this is more than just a support group; it’s a team. Teammates use their shared experience to strive toward a common goal. With this team in your pocket, you’ll connect with others who truly understand what you’re going through.


How Can Teamwork Help Addiction?

Teamwork doesn’t solve every problem, but it certainly makes them easier to solve. The same is true for a problematic pornography habit. The more support you receive from others during your healing journey, the easier your road to freedom will be. A team of supportive people provides several essential parts of a healthy recovery journey.

Unique Wisdom 

When different people come together to share their experiences, unique wisdom appears that is helpful to every member of the team. Each member of your team has a unique story, lending them unique insight into your specific situation. With more wisdom, there can be more breakthroughs!

Authentic Community

If you’ve struggled with pornography for an extended period, you are likely good at pretending to be more healthy than you feel. As comfortable as this can be, it limits your ability to foster genuine community. 

When you are a team member, you can truly share your experiences with people who won’t judge you. Authentic teamwork releases the weight of secrecy from your shoulders and allows you to work honestly through the issues at hand.


Did you ever play tug-of-war as a kid? If you did, you’d remember that each participant was responsible for pulling the rope with as much strength as possible.

When one kid lost their footing, the other kids would pick up the slack and keep tugging while the fallen soldier found their footing again. Being a part of a support group is no different!

When you are a team member like this, you can lean on your teammates when your strength is low. You can share your teammates' strength when you feel weak through consistent connection and conversation. You can stop worrying about supplying all the willpower required to beat this habit when you lean on the strength of your trusted teammates.

How Can Connection Help Addiction?

It can be hard to find teammates who understand the specifics of your situation. That’s why isolation is a common symptom of unwanted pornography use, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re ready to connect with a community that gets it, Relay is here to help.

Isolation can stunt your progress by keeping you fighting the fight alone. That’s why connection is essential for any behavioral change. Authentic connection is the perfect antidote to isolation, and it is vital when combatting potentially embarrassing behavior.

If you’re ready to use connection as a tool for habit transformation, this support group makes it easy to connect with the right people for your healing journey. This support group is full of teammates who can finally understand your brain.

Each member of this group is struggling to overcome a dependence on pornography, and they are prepared to link arms with you to offer shame-free accountability through the app’s different features. This road may be longer than you thought, but you won’t have to walk it alone.

What Is Shame-Free Accountability?

If you’ve tried giving up pornography before, you’ve likely heard much about accountability. In short, accountability is simply sharing your progress with somebody while taking personal responsibility for both your failures and your successes.

Accountability is often linked to successful recovery for those battling addiction, so it should be a primary focus for anyone looking to change their unwanted behaviors. The challenging thing about accountability (as you’ve probably become aware of by now) is that it can be deeply uncomfortable.

When you have a slip-up, the idea of sharing that slip-up can feel mortifying. What if you are judged? What if the slip-up changes the way people perceive you?

Well, imagine you have two friends on your contact list: one has never watched porn, and the other is actively trying to break a pornography addiction. If you had to call one of them and give them an accountability update, which one would you pick?

You’d probably pick the one who is struggling too. That’s because someone going through a similar situation feels inherently safer and can empathize with your circumstances.

When two accountability partners are escaping the same unhealthy behavior, they provide unique compassion for the other partner instead of judgment. Many folks never initiate authentic accountability because it’s easier to stay silent and avoid judgment.

With this support group, you’ll find accountability partners that understand what you’re going through, allowing you to share your progress openly and honestly with those who won’t judge you. Ditch the shame; access the shame-free accountability you need to find healing.

What Does Relay Offer?

Progress Tracking

Shame often fuels problematic sexual behavior, but shame isn’t the only emotion consequential in your recovery journey. Relay provides your team with a dashboard to track your emotional status as you progress throughout your healing journey.

With this feature, you can express how motivated you are in your recovery. Your teammates can support you accordingly, providing you with help and strength when you need it the most.

Emergency Lifeline

“Should I stay strong, or should I give in?” You have probably experienced this moment of choice many times in your recovery journey. It can feel impossible to resist certain urges when they present themselves. That’s why Relay’s “red flag” lifeline function is so valuable during your healing process. 

With the tap of a button, you can activate an emergency lifeline in those moments of an impossible choice. You can share that moment with your team and receive support from those who care about it the most. Instead of fighting this challenging moment alone, you can rely on your team’s support to get you through that moment of need.

Data for Recovery

Data can be a remarkable tool for your team’s healing journey. Examining the quality of a team’s progress allows group members to work together more efficiently to achieve a common goal. 

With Relay’s dashboard, you will be able to gain insight into the progress of each of your team members at a moment’s notice. You can also:

  • Check emotional health
  • Explore conversation threads 
  • See individual habit streaks
  • View success-setback rates over time
  • Examine the team’s overall progress

With all the data at your fingertips, you can effectively support your team and respond to trends. Data may be boring for some, but it can effectively equip a team to succeed in the long run! 

Will I Always Have This Problem?

This question is often at the root of people’s minds when they’ve tried to change their pornography use multiple times. The research shows that quitting a pornography habit is possible. By committing to a goal of steady improvement over time, freedom becomes a definite possibility for you.

The question should change from “will I always have this problem?” to “what steps do I need to take today?” This group makes it simple to set achievable goals for you to accomplish with your team daily. It may seem contradictory, but by focusing on your short-term goals, you’re enabling long-term success.

Any large undertaking starts with completing small action steps. The pyramids were built one block at a time. The Grand Canyon was formed by channels of water over centuries.

Hopefully, your recovery won’t take as long as the Grand Canyon or the Pyramids. Still, by taking small steps with a support group every day, you are building a better and healthier future for yourself one day at a time. 

Join and Heal

This Relay support group offers an excellent solution for those struggling with pornography use. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether or not to join this authentic team to connect with on your healing journey. 

The weight of this unwanted behavior can be overwhelming, so don’t wait to connect with people who understand what you’re going through.

If you’re ready to access authentic community, accountability, and healing, Relay is here and ready to help. Continue your healing journey by joining us today.


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