5 Things to Try If You Can’t Stop Jerking Off

5 Things to Try If You Can’t Stop Jerking Off

Do you feel like you’re addicted to jerking off? You're not alone! It's a common concern that many individuals face, but lots of people find it difficult to discuss their desires to stop jerking off openly. But that doesn't meant that stopping is impossible, or that overcoming a negative sexual habit is taboo.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to address this issue and regain control over your sexual habits. In this article, we will explore five practical and effective strategies to help you manage and overcome the addiction if you feel like you're addicted to masturbation/jerking off.

Understanding masturbation addiction—is jerking off bad?

Masturbation is a fairly normal sexual activity, especially as kids discover how their bodies work. However, excessive jerking off can be problematic. If the behavior is compulsive (meaning that you feel like you have no control over it and can't stop jerking off), it can become especially damaging, affecting your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. It's important to understand the difference between healthy sexual expression and addiction.

Your sexuality should be something that you can choose to engage or not engage in, never something that’s compulsive for you (meaning you have no control over the behavior, ie, if you feel like you can't stop jerking off, even if you want to stop). This can be incredibly negative, leaning towards the territory of behavioral addiction.

Behavioral addiction is characterized by an inability to control or stop a behavior despite negative consequences. There are many kinds of behavioral addictions (eating, shopping, gaming, etc). If jerking off is interfering with your daily life, relationships, or overall well-being, it may be an addiction.

Some signs of a masturbation addiction include an increasing frequency of jerking off, an inability to moderate or stop the behavior, feelings of guilt or shame, neglecting other responsibilities, and negative impacts on relationships.


The psychological and physical effects of excessive jerking off

Excessive jerking off can have both psychological and physical effects. On a psychological level, it can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-esteem. It may also contribute to anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal. Physically, excessive jerking off can cause fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and decreased sexual sensitivity.

Understanding the potential negative effects of excessive jerking off is crucial in motivating yourself to make a change. Acknowledging the impact it has on your mental and physical well-being is the first step in overcoming addiction and learning how to stop jerking off. You can read more about it here.

How to Stop Jerking Off

  • Set realistic goals: Start by setting small, achievable goals to gradually reduce the frequency of jerking off. Setting unrealistic goals may lead to frustration and relapse. By taking small steps, you can build self-confidence and gradually regain control over your sexual behavior. This will help you feel more empowered and better about yourself in general!
  • Find healthy alternatives: Engaging in other activities that bring you joy and fulfillment can help divert your attention from the urge to jerk off. Explore hobbies, exercise regularly, or spend quality time with loved ones. Finding healthy alternatives will not only occupy your time but also provide a sense of fulfillment that can reduce the desire to spend your time jerking off.
  • Seek professional help: If you're struggling to overcome addictive behavior on your own, don't hesitate to seek professional help. A sex therapist or an online support group can provide guidance, support, and strategies tailored to your specific situation. They can help you uncover underlying issues contributing to the addiction and develop coping mechanisms to overcome it.

1. Seeking professional help

Sometimes, overcoming an addiction to jerking off requires professional guidance and support. A sex therapist or recovery program specializes in addressing issues related to sexual behavior and can provide the necessary tools and techniques to help you overcome addiction.

Working with a professional allows you to explore the underlying causes of your addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and learn healthy ways to manage your sexual desires and gradually gain the ability to stop jerking off. They can also help you address any underlying psychological or emotional factors that may be contributing to the addiction. Seeking professional help is a proactive step towards regaining control over your sexual behavior.

2. Creating a support system for recovery

Building a support system is crucial when it comes to overcoming any addiction, and gaining the skills needed to stop jerking off. Surrounding yourself with supportive friends or family members who understand and respect your journey can provide a strong foundation for recovery.

Openly discussing your struggles with trusted individuals in your friend group, family, or online support group can alleviate feelings of shame and isolation. They can offer encouragement, accountability, and a listening ear when you need it. Consider joining support groups or online communities dedicated to helping individuals overcome sexual addictions. Sharing experiences with others who have gone through similar challenges can provide valuable insights and a sense of belonging.

3. Healthy coping mechanisms to replace excessive jerking off

Replacing excessive jerking off with healthy coping mechanisms is key to breaking the addiction cycle, helping you fill your brain with 'happy chemicals' like serotonin and dopamine that stem from healthy places as you stop jerking off. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

  • Exercise regularly: Physical activity not only boosts your overall well-being but can also reduce sexual tension and cravings. Engaging in regular exercise releases endorphins, which help improve mood and reduce stress.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation: Mindfulness techniques can help you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. By practicing mindfulness or meditation, you can better manage urges and redirect your focus.
  • Engage in creative outlets: Find creative ways to express yourself, such as painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument. Engaging in creative activities can serve as a healthy outlet for emotions and redirect your focus away from excessive jerking off.

4. Self-care practices to support recovery

Incorporating self-care practices into your daily routine can provide the necessary support for recovery, reminding you to be patient with yourself as you stop jerking off. Remember, it isn't easy! You're doing something challenging! Be kind to yourself and prioritize your needs as you work on overcoming excessive jerking off.

Here are some self-care strategies to consider:

  • Prioritize sleep: Getting enough sleep is essential for overall well-being and can positively impact your ability to manage addiction. Aim for a consistent sleep schedule and create a relaxing bedtime routine that doesn't include anything too sexual that would make you think about jerking off.
  • Practice stress management techniques: Many people use jerking off as a way to cope with stress, even though that can be damaging for the brain. Identify stress triggers in your life and develop healthy strategies to manage them. This may include deep breathing exercises, taking breaks, or engaging in activities that help you relax.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. A healthy lifestyle supports physical and mental well-being, making it easier to overcome addiction and to stop jerking off.

5. Online resources and communities for support

The internet offers a wealth of resources and communities dedicated to supporting individuals struggling with addiction. These platforms provide a safe space to share experiences, seek advice, and gain support from others who have overcome similar challenges. You can find Relay’s unique, support group-based app here. Remember to prioritize advice from professionals, and not just listen to any old post you read on the internet.


Overcoming an addiction to jerking off is a challenging but achievable goal. By understanding the signs and effects of addiction, setting realistic goals, seeking professional help, and incorporating healthy coping mechanisms and self-care practices, you can regain control over your sexual behavior and achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life, one where you're in charge of your sexuality.

Remember, recovery is a journey, and it's essential to be patient and kind to yourself along the way. Celebrate each small victory, and don't be discouraged by setbacks. With determination, support, and the right strategies, you can break free from the grip of addiction, stop jerking off, and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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